Starfield - Best Mods for Beginners

starfield best mods for beginners with spacefarer walking on moon surface

starfield best mods for beginners with spacefarer walking on moon surface

Games developed by Bethesda are renowned for their expansive open environments, compelling narratives, and limitless potential. They are, therefore, also infamous for being glitchy and faulty. It has become a given that Bethesda games can't be enjoyed without modifications.

Although Starfield is not as buggy as previous releases, if you're a beginner, you'll still want these beginner mods to make your life much easier.

Best Beginner Mods for Players

You can download all these mods at the NexusMods website, alongside guides teaching how to set them up. If you need help, check our modding guide.

Neutral LUTs

Starfield's aesthetic has a grainy filter that applies shades and lighting to wash out the color. However, the result is an undersaturated look that mutes many colors and gives a washed-out look. Neutral LUTs help remove these filters and bring a lot of color and saturation back into Starfield. You'll be able to keep track of what's happening and see in dimly lit areas more easily.

starfield beginner mod neutral LUTs before after
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StarUI Inventory

StarUI Inventory is a must-have mod for PC players as it completely overhauls the game’s interface and makes it more user-friendly for PC. StarUI is a highly customizable mod that allows players to adjust the look and feel of the UI to their liking. Some changes brought to the Interface are a new inventory space, a new HUD that provides easy access to information, a new and more organized quest log, and a new, fully detailed map.

Undelayed Menus

Starfield is a game that's full of several menu screens. You'll be going through tons of menu screens all the time. You'll open the menu too much for inventory management, gear swaps, checking up on missions, or fast travel. It doesn't help that menus have animations that delay the load time. Undelayed Menus removes these animations, giving quicker and snappier menu response times. It's a huge QoL improvement.

60 FPS - Smooth UI

Enhancing the menus is still not enough. For some reason, Starfield's menu UI is capped at 30 FPS, sometimes making it feel stutter-y and janky. You can smooth out this experience with the 60 FPS - Smooth UI Mod or get its 120 FPS variant if you have a better setup.


Cleanfield is a mod that removes all the extra credit screens at the start of the game, such as no Epilepsy & Seizure Warning, no Bethesda logo video, no Bethesda logo, no message of the day, and no Starfield logo. Removing these will help you save time and get into the game.

Jetpack Overhaul

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If Starfield's jetpacks underwhelm you, you're not alone. The Jetpack system seems promising but isn't much fun till you invest a lot of points into it. Jetpack Overhaul reworks this system and gives you a lot more control over your jetpack fuel usage.

starfield beginner mods jetpack overhaul
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Enhanced Player Healthbar

Starfield's UI isn't intuitive at telling you that you're at low HP or at risk of dying as the bar remains a static white. Those not used to checking up on it or keeping track of it might find themselves killed suddenly without realizing they were at low HP. The Enhanced Player Healthbar mod colors your health bar according to your HP levels and lets you easily track it.

Enhanced Dialogue Interface

Starfield has A LOT of dialogue - roughly 4fourtimes the dialogue of Skyrim. However, you might not like the dialogue box and its layout. Worry not, as Enhanced Dialogue Interface changes the Dialogue Box's appearance and lets you choose from a wide range of dialogue box templates. Ranging from Cyberpunk 2077's dialogue style to Fallout 4.

starfield mods dialogue enhancement
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Baka Achievement Enabler

If you plan on playing with mods or using console commands and care about getting achievements, get the Baka Achievement Enabler mode to keep your achievement progress on the save file.

Those are the best beginner mods that we recommend installing before starting your Starfield journey. We'll add any other mods we find that can add to this ease of access for Starfield, so stay tuned.

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