Starfield Side Quest - Beer Run

starfield beer run beer brewery machines

starfield beer run beer brewery machines

Starfield is full of important choices throughout its campaign. However, many seemingly innocuous but ruthless and evil decisions are also available. One of these comes during the Beer Run quest that you can find in Akila City. Learn how a beer business is coming in the way of solving world hunger and what you can do about it.

How to unlock Beer Run?

You will unlock the Beer Run quest when you overhear NPC dialogue while walking around Akila City. They'll talk about the Intelliwheat and Sarah Filburn being discontent with her husband's business. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Filburn residence and speak to Sarah Filburn.

starfield beer run sarah filburn dialogue about food
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Beer Run Walkthrough

Talk to Sarah Filburn

Sarah Filburn's residence is on the right side of The Rock in Akila City, down a flight of stairs. You'll find Sarah Filburn inside, and you can speak to her to initiate the quest, Beer Run.

starfield beer run sarah filburn dialogue
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Sabotage the latest batch of Henry's Beer

To Sabotage the latest brew, you must walk to the terminal next to the brewery. Sarah mentions a guard, but no one seems to be patrolling the brew controls, nor are there any security locks on the computer. Interact with it and choose from one of the three available options.

starfield beer run sabotage controls
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All Sabotage Outcomes

You'll get three choices for the sabotage of Henry's beer:

  • Increase temperature by 20°C - Successful Sabotage
  • Increase IBU to 160 - Successful Sabotage
  • Increase alcohol content - Sabotage Failed

The first two choices result in the desired outcome. However, if you choose the last option, you'll make the beer even more potent and increase its demand.

(Optional) Tell Henry About Sarah's Plan

Arguably one of the game's most evil choices, you can find Henry in his home and tell him all about Sarah's plans to sabotage the business. He'll pay you 3000 instead of the 2500 Credits from Sarah, and the quest will end right there.

starfield beer run tell henry sarah's plan
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Wait One Day for Henry Filburn's Beer to Brew

After changing the settings for the latest batch of brew, you have to wait a day to see how people react to it. Wait 24 hours on a bench, seat, or bed.

starfield beer run wait 24 hours UT
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See Reaction to Henry Filburn's Latest Beer

Head to the Stoneroot Inn and find Kate Foley. If your sabotage succeeds, they'll stop investing in the beer. However, if you increase the alcohol content, this will lead to Stoneroot Inn investing even more into the beer, and your quest will end right there.

starfield beer run reaction to ruined batch of beer
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Talk to Sarah Filburn

If you sabotaged Henry's beer successfully, you can return to Sarah Filburn, report your success, and collect your quest rewards.

starfield beer run report to sarah
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Beer Run Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 55
  • Credits - Leveled Amount of Credits

That concludes our guide for the Beer Run side quest. If you're looking for another quest with morally ambiguous decisions, you might want to decide the fate of a sentient AI next.

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