Gamescom Opening Night Live Reaction

The Xbox logo over gamescom
Credit: Xbox

The Xbox logo over gamescom
Credit: Xbox

Gamescom 2023 has officially begun, Opening Nighty Live kicked off the event, and Starfield has already made its presence known. The yearly event, hosted in Cologne, Germany brings new trailers, tasty info and a lot of fun for attendees.

Starfield has promoted being at gamescom quite a bit over the last few weeks. We just got a taste of the newest Bethesda epic, via the Opening Night Live presentation. So, what exactly did we see so far?

New Starfield Live-Action Trailer

Following a wonderful performance of Starfield music on the piano, we were treated to the rumoured live-action Starfield trailer! Accompanying the new trailer was an orchestral version of Elton John's Rocketman, which matched the tone perfectly.

An explorer walks through a sun lit planet
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Credit: Bethesda
The trailer is fantastic!

The new trailer showcased some features we can expect to see in the upcoming game. From relationships with family to battling space pirates, this action-packed live-action teaser only made us long for an actual Starfield movie or show to complement the game release. At least we got the short Settled Systems anime to keep our hunger slightly at bay.

Todd Howard On Stage!

Next, we were given our first surprise and sadly, our first disappointment. The man himself, Todd Howard came on stage for the first time ever at gamescom. Todd usually has some juicy information when his games are close to launching, this time he did not.

Todd Howard on stage at gamescom 2023
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Credit: Gamescom
Show, don't tell

After talking a bit about how happy he was to make Starfield after all these years, he mentioned more surprises they haven't spoken about yet. Instantly eagerly waiting ears around the world perked up, waiting for any tidbits of new information. That info never came, following up with the standard lines of "We can't talk about it yet", and "We can't wait for you to play", was extremely deflating.

Hyping up an appearance at gamescom a week before Starfield launches is all fine and well, but maybe show us the game? Telling us the game will be good is fine and well, but come on, we are all at breaking point with the secrecies.

Starfield Facts

Perhaps with a few days still to go at gamescom, we will get some meatier content on Starfield. For now, we at least have a cool new live-action trailer to watch on repeat as we count down the final days till launch. Peter Hines is hosting a 'Starfield Facts' session on Thursday so perhaps we will get at least something before launch out of that.

Saddened as we were by the lack of content so far, this has been an exciting week for gameplay leaks, and achievement lists popping up. Containing the excitement will be even more difficult if we get nothing more from gamescom.

For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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