Starfield Gameplay Leaks On YouTube!

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Starfield art deco style posters
Credit: Lex Fridman

Starfield is only 9 days away from early access release, but some physical copies are already out in the wild. YouTube has already gotten the first Starfield gameplay leak today.

Be careful out there, Starfield gameplay leaks will be coming out from all corners, no doubt plenty online will be looking to spoil the game for others. Now that physical copies of the game are in consumer households, Bethesda will start to lose its grip on spoilers over the next week.

Starfield Gameplay

Once a game is out on disc form in a consumer's home, there is not a lot that can be done by the publisher if the copy was purchased legitimately. Often stores will make an error and accidentally break street dates for releases. On other occasions, store workers may swipe themselves an early copy, which could land them in hot water.

Players arm out ready to do some space magic
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Credit: Bethesda
Starfield - so close can almost touch it

While the gameplay leak is around 40 minutes long, we will not be detailing the story spoilers here. YouTube may choose to pull this video down, but as you know - once something is on the internet, it can never be removed permanently.

Our advice for those looking to go into Starfield without any spoilers would be to try and avoid any videos that aren't direct from Bethesda, Xbox or legitimate stakeholders in the game.

Barrett hands the player a chronomark watch
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Credit: Bethesda
Good luck out there

Gamescom is starting over the next few days, so there may well be some more official teases and trailers being shown for Starfield. Now that the game has officially gone gold, the day-one copy of the game is available for those who have obtained an early physical version.

It may be inevitable that you come across some form of spoiler now that fans have their hands on the game. Get yourself prepared for when your copy arrives, by watching some movies like Starfield, or even finding out if Starfield will have any DRM protection.


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