Starfield A Parting Gift Walkthrough

starfield a parting gift

starfield a parting gift

A Parting Gift is a small yet emotional side quest worth doing if you want to see the potential in Starfield’s storytelling.

How to Unlock A Parting Gift

You can start the quest by talking to Zawadi Wade, who can be found in the Residential District of New Atlantis.

starfield a parting gift zawadi location
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You can spot her sitting entirely alone in the District Park. She tells you of her pen pal, Haddie, who lives in Cydonia on Mars. She would like you to deliver an old-fashioned letter to Haddie. She also pays you 1000 Credits in advance to deliver the letter.

starfield a parting gift zawadi location
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A Parting Gift Walkthrough

Deliver the Letter to Haddie in Cydonia

After you agree to deliver the letter from Zawadi, She will pay you 1000 Credits in advance. You will find Haddie at the Community Center of Cydonia. Enter Cydonia and head down the ramp until you see the orange door on the left leading to the Residential District.

starfield a parting gift haddie reaction after reading letter
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Once you hand the letter to her, she becomes aware of Zawadi’s condition and leaves for New Atlantis immediately. She also rewards you with an additional 3000 Credits for completing the mission.

Returning to New Atlantis

If you choose to return to New Atlantis after completing the mission, you can spot Zawardi and Haddie talking to each other in front of the Mercury Tower. This is their last meet-up since Zawadi’s fate seems to be locked with some sort of condition.

starfield a parting gift haddie meeting zawadi
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Quest Rewards

  • XP - 75
  • Credits - Level Dependant

This concludes our guide for A Parting Gift side quest in Starfield. If you’re looking for a more lighthearted quest in this area, we suggest the Spreading the News quest instead.

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