Redditors Go Crazy Over Burnt Corpse of Parent and Child in Skyrim

burnt corpse parent and child skyrim
Credit: Reddit/Bethesda

burnt corpse parent and child skyrim
Credit: Reddit/Bethesda

Despite the game being more than a decade old, players continue to find new The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim content in the base game.

For those who are interested, Reddit is the perfect place to find these. If you find the time, you could find these discoveries by the thousands every day.

One of our “discoveries” comes from the Redditor GottaMax, who posted a screenshot of two burnt corpses in an undisclosed location in Skyrim.

Several users chimed into the discussion, with one saying that this must have been in Helgen right after it was destroyed. The user, Pale_Character_1684, said that he had encountered the same thing in that location before.

Other users in the thread argued that this might be a mod because Bethesda is particularly sensitive in its portrayal of violence against children.

However, a few Redditors said that several child corpses are scattered throughout the map in Skyrim, particularly in Morthal and Forrelhost.

User Vitalis597 also claimed that while the main storyline tends to avoid that kind of content, there are side quests that touch on that territory.

In any case, some users are convinced that the photo is not from Morthal either because the girl in that story was buried and not laid out in the house with a headless child.

Skyrim continues to be one of the most popular games for Bethesda, with a 24-hour peak of 26,452 players for the Anniversary Edition. In early December, the studio released a surprise update that revamped the Creation Club and turned it into the Games Studio Creations.

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