Redditor Asks Bethesda For 'More Serious Updates'

starfield and amd fsr3

starfield and amd fsr3

The year started for Starfield with a couple of updates and an award win on the side. Before the holidays, Bethesda promised a six-week cycle of patches to improve the game.

Two updates, Update 1.9.51 and Update 1.9.67, have already been rolled out and are now available for download, while the rest of the community is still waiting for the next one.

While scrolling through the Internet, we found a thread on Reddit where the user had an unusual request.

As the title suggests, the player, whose Reddit username is tomwrussell, is not interested in improving the game’s graphics and imagery.

He explains in his thread’s introduction that he is fine with the graphical capabilities of his system, so the two most recent updates don’t significantly improve his gameplay experience.

Instead, he is more interested in seeing the bugs that plague the game’s quests and fixing the storyline as soon as possible. These include the Into the Unknown quest line.

While similarly minded Redditors chimed in on the comments, user LangyMD suggested that, while Bethesda has the resources to establish separate graphics and content development teams, they will still encounter a bottleneck if they share only one testing team.

LangyMD adds that this could explain the delays in releasing content updates while graphical updates are being pushed out consistently.

However, the Redditor also theorizes that either Bethesda has not allocated enough manpower to content updates or Todd Howard’s team, which has been revealed to number 250 devs, wants to push a huge content patch, like a DLC.

User Vanilla-G has a different idea - the 250-man team Howard had alluded to in the interview is responsible for both patches and the Shattered Space DLC, and that causes the bottlenecks and delays.

In any case, the Redditor said, there should be a beta version of the next patch soon that will reveal what the team has been focusing on after the previous update.

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