Player Completes All 50 Achievements in 153 Hours

starfield achievements

starfield achievements

There are many ways to enjoy what Starfield, Bethesda’s newest and most successful RPG, offers. Others like to explore as much of the in-game galaxy as possible, while others like to breeze through the main story without going through the side quests.

There are still others, like Redditor -ThatFishGuy -who are content to max out all the possible achievements in the game and move on when they’re done.

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Credit: Reddit

Considering that this player was only in the game for 153 hours, this is a very notable achievement. Apparently, -ThatFishGuy- is a speedrunner but is focused on unlocking all the achievements in the game.

Now that he has attained his goal of unlocking Starfield’s 50 achievements, our Redditor decided to give Starfield a break and wait until the first DLC, Shattered Space, is released.

What does he have to say about Starfield?

“Biggest game content-wise that I’ve probably played,” he said on his post, adding that it was “one hell of a grind.”

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Credit: Reddit

This record-breaking achievement follows the heels of DoomZero, who said that he was able to survey all of Starfield’s star systems and celestial bodies in just 30 days. DoomZero was the one to confirm the specific number of planets and moons in Starfield - 1,695 spread out in 120 star systems.

However, some players are having trouble progressing in Bethesda’s newest intellectual property. One player on Xbox found out last week that every NPC in Starfield has been replaced by Sarah, effectively keeping them from moving forward, as no dialogues are triggered as a result of this bug.

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