Photo of the Week - Akila City Under a Swift Sunrise

starfield sunrise over akila city

starfield sunrise over akila city

Akila City is one of the cities that you frequent as a Starfield player. It is the home of Jacob Coe, who holds the map needed to kickstart your mission to find an Artifact on the planet. However, while we see pictures of Akila City from the inside, we rarely see a photo of it from outside or afar.

Well, that’s about to change, thanks to Redditor Dry-Gulch-Slim. This guy uploaded 20 photos to his Reddit post, and a magnificent image of Akila City as viewed from afar is one of them. You know the drill - it’s our Photo of the Week.

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Credit: Reddit

We love the composition of this image and the color palette that the rising Sun brings into the picture. We see a palette of gold, white, and gray, giving Akila City and its immediate surroundings a serene look that belies its bustling nature and the hostility of its plains.

Akila is also one of the most ecologically diverse planets in Starfield. It has abundant flora and fauna and six resources you can mine if you build an outpost. While at it, you should install this mod that lets you use a visual menu in the Outpost Building feature.

What this mod does is that it gives you a visual preview of the features you’re about to select for your Outpost. It helps save you time in going through your options and spares you from the need to memorize item codes in the console.

Speaking of mods, we just saw how the Creation Kit could be in the future with Starfield. Bethesda recently launched a patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that merged all content creation into a platform called Creations.

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