New Mod Lets You Loot NPCs and Strip Them Naked

stealing from NPC

stealing from NPC

One of the earlier gripes of Starfield players in social media is being unable to loot a dead NPC and strip them naked since this was possible in Bethesda’s Fallout series.

One player even went the extra distance to murder an NPC, convinced another to inspect and loot it for him, and then murdered that other NPC so he could steal the clothes.

However, this might not be a good workaround for most because of the double murder, which could make you notorious or marked by the authorities in the game.

One modder has heard these complaints and came up with his Classic NPC Loot System mod.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

As its name suggests, this mod emulates the classic Fallout and Skyrim loot system. With this mod installed, you can approach a dead NPC’s body and, upon checking, you can see their inventory. When you choose to steal their armor and clothing, the NPC will appear naked except for its underwear.

The mod is still in its initial version, and the modder warns of a few issues when installing it. For example, you cannot loot NPCs that you did not kill. The mod also mistakes mannequins for dead NPCs, which causes a glitch. Lastly, if you add an NPC to the loot system and do not loot it immediately, it will still appear naked when you reload the game.

To install the mod, make sure that you have Jedi’s Starfield Script Hook V1.0.0 or higher. Aside from that, installing the mod is just a matter of copying a DLL file over to the scripts sub-folder in your Starfield installation folder.

Official mod support for Starfield is still in the works, with Todd Howard saying that the kit will be available only in 2024.

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