Have You Seen a Ship Dock In a Landing Bay?



Starfield players are intimately familiar with the docking sequence, but we’ve not yet been treated to footage that shows the ship landing inside a space station or an abandoned base.

That’s almost certainly why X user UskeyAtwood uploaded this special video of his ship docking inside this unnamed abandoned base.

“This may be the first time I've ever seen the scene where a spaceship lands on the dock inside an abandoned base,” the X user said in a translation of his description, which was written in Japanese.

He apologizes for the length of the video - although it’s only 22 seconds long - and implores viewers to turn on the audio when playing the clip.

Indeed, we witness Starfield’s fantastic sound design as we watch and listen to the vessel enter the area, complete with metal clanging as the landing skids make contact with the surface.

What do you, fellow explorers, think? Is this the first time you’ve seen footage of a ship landing inside a docking bay like they do in the movies?

Space stations are one of the features that data miners have found locked within the Starfield source code. This indicates that Bethesda will officially allow players to build their own stations in the future through a future DLC.

In the meantime, however, modders have made this feature accessible to those who want to experience it early.

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