Player’s Dad Consumes Starfield After Receiving Holiday Gift

starfield dad

starfield dad

If you have a dad who is into games like you, you could get him a new game, a new console, or both. This happened with this player’s dad - the Redditor gave him an Xbox Series X and a copy of Starfield over the weekend as a Christmas gift.

Dad has spent little time getting to know his new game. According to the Reddit post, Dad had already unlocked 26 out of 50 achievements in three days, 21 hours, and 8 minutes.

That’s roughly 50% of the game’s achievements in 72 hours, give or take a few hours and minutes.

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Credit: Reddit

The player explained that his father is self-employed, owned his time, and had just decided to take an entire week off to celebrate the holidays. He, the Redditor added, has a gamer’s nose and would love to turn every stone inside and out every time he plays a game.

Other Redditors quickly praised the Dad’s commitment and engagement with the game, while others suggested that they add Cyberpunk 2077 into the mix as well. According to the OP, his dad already had Cyberpunk 2077 on his PS4, but it was crashing frequently on him.

Still, other players quickly brought out the 'not liking this game' card, especially since Dad was already past his 100th hour.

Starfield has recently breached the “Mostly Negative” mark in scores on the gaming platform Steam. Forbes contributor Paul Tassi theorized that this could be due to long-term players finally finishing the game, new players picking up the game on Steam instead of Game Pass, and the influence of Content Creators.

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