Player Stumped by Huge Age Gap Between Parents in Starfield

starfield parents

starfield parents

Players with the Kids Stuff trait get to meet their parents in Starfield, aside from earning a free ship and some items like exclusive armor and a special gun.

However, the rules are not always cut and dried, and at some point in your playthrough, you will meet your Mom and Dad.

For this player, however, it took roughly 200 hours before he finally had the opportunity to meet his progenitors, and, boy, was he in for a surprise!

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Credit: Reddit

That picture, which he uploaded together with one another in his Reddit thread, shows his mother, who is 90 years old! On the other hand, his father is younger… significantly younger, at 45 years old.

These circumstances made the player wonder if his game is ultimately tied to his Reddit handle, The_Granny_banger.

The post garnered quite a few hilarious comments from amused users. One Redditor described the dad as a “Wish app Jon Cryer,” one of the two men in the TV series “Two and a Half Men.”

One user even said that the Dad is a frequent visitor of Enhance and is older than he looks, adding that the Mom is “all natural.”

Meanwhile, in other news, X user NikoMueller revealed recently that he finally met his first character in NG0 in his 33rd playthrough. He also managed to recruit her into his team and revealed that the character wants his current character to meet their parents.

Will there be a chance, however remote, that Starfield could go into other consoles? If Microsoft had its way, Starfield and other games could be available to rival networks, PlayStation and Nintendo Networks, if they agree to add Game Pass to their services.

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