That Fallout Guy Builds a Fully Functional Iconic Fallout TV

fallout 4 lone survivor tv please stand by
Credit: Bethesda

fallout 4 lone survivor tv please stand by
Credit: Bethesda

We are all familiar with the iconic Fallout TV, a distinctive shape inspired by bulky 1950s sets with a few embellishments. However, we haven’t seen anybody take the time to build a visually faithful and functioning example.

That is until the well-known influencer The Fallout Guy took the time to create a working example that he also converted into a display monitor for his Xbox 360.

It was a challenge worth the time of anyone into the Fallout universe. The Fallout Guy had to rebuild the chassis on which he put the TV. He also had to sand dry the assembly and apply fresh paint to the exterior, as rust had already consumed the original.

The result was a fully functioning TV set that That Fallout Guy hooked up to his Xbox 360. He claims that audio is also coming out of his retro TV set. Watch his short video on X, which he also uploaded to his TikTok account, and be the judge.

Of course, who would forget about that other guy who made a Nuka Cola container from a working fridge? His creation comes with a radioactive sticker and a Brotherhood of Steel Helmet.

In the upcoming Fallout live-action series from Amazon’s Prime Video, we’re about to see all sorts of devices from the Fallout universe come to life. Get ready to see a Mr. Handy robot on the small screen, a fully articulated Power Armor, and a functional replica of the trademark Vault from the games.

Ella Purnell, Aaron Marten, and Walton Goggins play the lead roles. All eight episodes of Fallout will premiere on Prime Video on April 11.

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