Fan Creation of the Week - Lego Starfield New Atlantis

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lego starfield

New Atlantis is one of the most remarkable pieces of architecture in Starfield, Bethesda’s biggest open-world RPG so far, and at the center of it is the imposing United Constellations headquarters building. Many players have scaled it to take pictures of their characters leaping from the tower's apex.

It took quite a while, but a player by the Reddit handle of Lambda_Renders finally came up with a Lego rendering of the futuristic skyscraper in Starfield. Once done, the player immediately uploaded an image of his creation on the game's official subreddit.

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Credit: Reddit

It’s a rough yet faithful rendition, and the user admitted that he needs to polish it up a bit to be closer to the original. He called it “V1,” indicating he might work further on it.

Lambda_Renders also expressed interest in doing a Lego version of Akila’s The Rock right after this. Paradiso might also be in the works, but he’ll want to see how things go before deciding to embark on that endeavor.

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Credit: Nexus

New Atlantis is, without doubt, Starfield’s biggest city and the largest that Bethesda’s development team has built. It is, players say, also the most confusing location they ever encountered. Many in the playing community have complained that they can barely find, much less memorize, the various points of interest in the city.

To add, a modder uploaded a mod that changes the city’s various billboards into an informative map to guide explorers in their travels within New Atlantis. This is based directly on the map created by’s Wojtek Antonowicz.

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