Mod Introduces Fallout-Themed Version of Starfield Intro Sequence

starfield fallout

starfield fallout

The Starfield intro sequence in the Mines may be a little vanilla for many of the game’s fans, but this new mod on Nexus changes into something that long-time Bethesda fans would surely appreciate.

There have been so many Fallout Easter Eggs recently discovered in the game - why not take it further to the next level?

This mod called the “Starfield Vault 77 Alternate Start Level 10,” changes the spacefarer’s history from being a miner into an escapee from Vault-Tech Vault 77.

Basically, instead of deciding to become a space explorer after finding the Artifact, the player is forced into the space traveler’s life to escape being killed in Vault 77.

As you can see from the movie, the player is awakened by an AI voice and told that his insurance has been revoked and he needs to escape from the Vault. Exiting the Vault, he finds a Nova Galactic Space Frontier and escapes to Cydonia.

The video then ends with the AI voice informing the player that he will start his journey in Starfied at Level 10.

This mod is the first major attempt at making the Fallout universe cross over to Starfield. The two franchises are similar- they take place in the future with a decimated Earth. Many players are clamoring for Fallout’s iconic locations to be available on Starfield’s Earth.

Todd Howard had hinted before that they had planned to include Fallout 3’s Washington D.C. as a location on Earth, aside from the NASA Cape Canaveral facility. However, time constraints led to them dropping the idea altogether, but they may reintroduce it in a future DLC.

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