Starfield DRM Details

A cosmonaut floats in space towards a portal

A cosmonaut floats in space towards a portal

Will Starfield be DRM free? This is one of the many questions still unanswered by Bethesda at this point. We have gamescom over the next few days that may provide some more answers, as Bethesda will be in attendance. Stay with us for all the juicy details.

At the time of writing, we are now only 11 days away from Starfield's early-access period. From September 1, fans around the world (who have bought the premium Edition) will be able to finally play the space epic. So while we wait the last few days, let's take a look at DRM protection and whether or not Starfield will have it.

What is DRM?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management; it helps companies protect their games and copyrighted materials. It is a measure implemented to try and stop piracy, which cannibalizes potential sales of games.

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The gaming community tends to dislike DRM protection due to several factors. Mostly, community hatred for the feature is due to the impact that DRM can have on the game's performance. With Starfield being such a demanding game, adding DRM protection could hinder the way the game runs for many players.

Starfield DRM

DRM protection is not popular with most consumers, and if Starfield releases with DRM, it could impact many player's experiences when trying to enjoy the game at max settings.

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So, will Starfield release DRM free? We cannot say for sure, but it is likely that Bethesda has chosen to avoid using such a disliked feature.

Todd Howard being so supportive of the modding community could mean that Starfield will release DRM-free. That said, Bethesda have indeed used DRM in their past titles for protection and could very well want to lock down their biggest new IP in years for safety.

Only time will tell what the case may be for Starfield. We will update you once more is known about the DRM protection used in Starfield. While you are here, check out our info on all the preload details so you are ready for launch, and then hop to our character guide to get yourself ready to meet the crew.

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