Xbox Reveal Official Starfield Series X Wrap

Series X with white starfield wrap
Credit: Xbox

Series X with white starfield wrap
Credit: Xbox

Up till now, Xbox Series X owners have had to watch as PS5 received cool custom plate designs. Today, Xbox revealed its new range of official Xbox Series X wraps! Best of all - there's an official Starfield design!

Starfield launches next week on Friday, September 1 for Premium Edition adopters. For those not paying for the ability to try out the sci-fi adventure early, September 6 is the date for general release. Either way, Starfield is set to be an out-of-this-world epic, with rabid fans eager to start their journeys into the cosmos.

Xbox Series X Wraps

The official Xbox Series X wraps look absolutely stunning, they are available for pre-order right now and release October 18. Priced at £44.99/$49.99, they are made from high-quality fabric, and do not cover any vents on the console.

Perfect for fans who have already picked up the official Starfield controller, or the official Starfield Xbox headset. Now, why not fire the game on to preload, sit back, and then let's take a look at these new Starfield Xbox wraps?

A full look at the white xbox series x starfield designed wrap
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Credit: Xbox
The official Starfield Xbox wraps look amazing!

From the official Xbox website:

We’re excited to announce that Xbox Series X Console Wraps are launching this year, and pre-orders start today. We know gamers want to be able to customize their consoles and show support for their favorite games, and we are delivering an option that’s more affordable and more sustainable than purchasing a special edition or limited edition console. With the launch of Series X Console Wraps, you can customize the console you already have. There are three striking designs to choose from – complete your Starfield setup with a Starfield design that pairs perfectly with the recently released Starfield Controller and Headset, and we are also launching two camo colors to choose from, Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo.

As you can see they have also announced two other wraps for your Series X, Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo. We think the Starfield design will go down as an absolute treat for fans who just can't get enough Starfield merchandise.

Now that Starfield has gone gold, fans can count the days down as September approaches. We do expect to see reviews start to pop up just before early access begins, and the review embargo ends.

Another look at the white starfield series x wrap
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Credit: Xbox
Console bling!

We would recommend grabbing one of the official Starfield Xbox wraps quickly, as they will no doubt sell like hotcakes. If you haven't decided which version of Starfield to order yet, be sure to go for the Premium Edition or Upgrade to get access on September 1.

While we have you with us, you can also get yourself set for launch by trying our food & drink guide, sure to help you kick start a galactic kitchen venture. Or, if that doesn't sound like it's for you, take a peek at our rundown of all the factions that you can meet in Starfield.

For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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