Another Starfield PC Build by General Salami


Starfield seems a popular concept among those who like to build custom personal computer sets. We aren't surprised that the colors of Constellation make for a clean yet aesthetically pleasing motif, predominantly white accented by some gold and some blue here and there.

So far, we’ve seen only a couple of Starfield-themed custom PCs. One is built by Rhoads PC, a hardwood-encased build powered by an AMD Ryzen 7800X3D and a Radeon 7900 XTX Starfield Edition.

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Credit: Rhoads PC

The system also has a personalized Vasco figure looming over the internal components of the build. It was supposed to appear in last year’s QuakeCon but was damaged en route and had to be rebuilt from scratch.

A custom PC encased in a landing pod also appeared at last year’s Dutch Comic Con. It was reportedly supported by Cooler Master and Bethesda’s Dutch unit and features a Radeon 7900 XTX GPU.

A new build also appeared on a Reddit thread started by user avantador88. The thread contained a link to a 2-and-a-half-minute video on General Salami’s YouTube channel showing what’s behind the new PC build jointly assembled by the channel owner and Montech.

Powered by the 7900 XTX and an Intel i5 13600kf CPU, the rig’s most prominent feature is the ID Cooling AIO, which shows the temperature reading with the Starfield logo embedded behind the text.

This computer is closer to the Dutch Comic Con custom PC and significantly smaller than the Rhoads PC Vasco-themed build. Like any tech related to Starfield, it is decked out in the colors of the Constellation - white, blue, and two shades of orange.

According to the OP, avantador88, the build set him back around $2,200. That’s a lot of money, but performance always comes at a premium. So, what do you, fellow explorers, think of this latest Starfield custom PC?

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