New Nvidia Game Ready Driver Boosts Starfield Performance

graphics card with a planet backdrop

graphics card with a planet backdrop

Nvidia users have had difficulty running Bethesda’s latest open-world exploration RPG, Starfield. The good news is that there are already a couple of mods to try and remedy that problem.

However, there’s an even better development - Nvidia has released a new version of its Game Ready driver to boost Starfield performance further!

Today, X user Synth Potato confirmed that a new Game Ready driver version significantly boosted his GPU’s performance on Starfield. Unfortunately, he could not post his FPS rate as he didn’t know which settings to enable to display his frame rate in-game.

It has been reported that Nvidia video cards have trouble maintaining a steady 60 FPS rate even when running at 1080p resolution with 50% rendering. This was tested by YouTuber ZWormz Gaming, whose rig was equipped with a middle-end GeForce RTX 3060.

During early access, modder PureDark attempted to address the issue with two mods - one for DLSS2 and one for the DLSS3 upscaler. This was after Bethesda announced that it exclusively used AMD’s FSR2 upscaler instead of opting for two such software.

The DLSS2 is free for download at Nexus Mods, while PureDark attempted to keep the DLSS3 mod under a paywall by limiting it to his Patreon sponsors.

However, it would only be a couple of days after the mod’s release that people would crack the DRM protection and make the DLSS3 mod available for everyone.

The DLSS2 only offered upscaling, while the DLSS3 offered both upscaling and frame generation, a feature that would have vastly improved the performance of the RTX 40 series GPUs.

Tom Warren of The Verge confirmed the DLSS3 mod’s performance, posting on X that he enjoyed a 65% boost on his FPS rate while running Starfield at 1440p Ultra settings with his RTX 4090.

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