You Should Gain More Than Just XP For Destroying Ships

starfield ships

starfield ships

Space combat in Starfield is one of the ways through which you can gain valuable experience points. For some, it’s also a great source of fun, as Conan O’Brien experienced when he blew up the venerable grandma ship while testing Starfield for Clueless Gamer.

Your ability and chance to destroy ships in Starfield are directly affected by your weapons’ recharge speeds. The faster your weapons recharge, the faster you can fire and the quicker you can destroy opponents’ ships.

Weapon recharge speeds are usually improved by upgrading or replacing your ship’s weapons entirely. With this new mod on Nexus, however, all you have to do is destroy more ships to gain rank, after which your ship recharge stats improve.

This new mod is called Ship Weapon Recharge - NEW Perk.

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Credit: Nexus

Once this mod is installed, you will need to gain ranks, after which you’ll receive a boost for your weapons’ recharge cycle. Rank 1 makes your ship’s weapons recharge 25% faster, Rank 2 boosts the speed by 50%, Rank 3 increases it by 75%, and Rank 4 doubles your ship's weapon recharge speeds.

To reach Rank 1, you only need to blow up five enemy ships successfully. The quotas for Ranks 2 and 3 are 15 and 30, respectively.

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Credit: Reddit

Ship piloting skills are central to the spacefarer’s success in Bethesda’s Starfield. You first learn how to fly a ship using a Nova Galactic Frontier vessel, which you can customize to improve its performance. Most players, however, tend to discard their first ships in favor of new and more powerful ones they come across.

For one player, however, the Frontier must’ve made an impression on him that he invested in 500 grams of resin and 50 hours of paintwork to create a very accurate 3D printed scale model of his character’s first ship.

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