Clueless Gamer Reveals More Footage of Conan O’Brien Playing Starfield

conan starfield

conan starfield

Conan O’Brien is known for his comedic antics on TV but is also an avid gamer. This side of him can be seen in the Team Coco content for the Clueless Gamer channel, which recently featured Starfield in a video released on November 10.

The 9-minute video showed Conan and his partner, Aaron Blayeart, going through the basics of Starfield with Conan’s usual commentary butting in every once in a while.

Conan doesn’t hold back at what he says, describing Sam’s wife as blanch and criticizing Sarah Morgan for taking so long to realize that she’s ready for a relationship.

The video also has Conan changing controllers, exploring Starfield with his character shirtless, and designing his character after his own likeness. At some point, while romancing Sam Coe, an NPC suddenly enters the camera - a common glitch in Bethesda’s biggest RPG to date.

Of course, who’d forget about Conan's infamous attack on the Grandma ship? True to form, Conan even uses the unwarranted attack as a commentary against the expensive nature of elder care.

Yesterday, the Team Coco channel released the outtakes of that particular video, which give you a peek at what took place between filming Aaron and Conan playing the game.

The video gives considerable emphasis on the size of the Samsung Neo QLED 8K gaming TV. Conan brought in a 6-foot party submarine sandwich to provide scale and found out that the TV was longer than the snack item!

Team Coco’s gameplay video inadvertently demonstrated one of the bugs that the Honest Conference video starring an AI-voiced Todd Howard highlighted. In that video, Todd honestly confesses the kind of bugs that Starfield is suffering from and that he agrees with most of the negative feedback.

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