Fan Creates Mod to Fix Their Own Game Issues

starfield first person

starfield first person

Starfield fans are having to create their own mods to help them solve their issues in Starfield, and are sharing them in the hopes of helping others facing the same problems.

These are happening, although Bethesda is waiting until next year to release the official modding kit for its most successful franchise so far.

This one called “Stuck in First Person Fix” is a straightforward yet helpful mod created by someone stuck in first-person FOV after crafting an item.

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Credit: Nexus

Before creating this mod, they needed to find a save file in which they weren’t stuck in the FOV and then load it. However, this means going through crafting and possibly, getting stuck again.

The mod page features only one picture and a BAT file. The creator said you only have to download and put the batch file into your Starfield installation folder. Afterwards, you only need to open the console in the game and type “bat fix.”

The description page also did not mention any issues with the game that the fix might create. This way, we could assume that using this mod is safe if you’re experiencing stuck FOV issues while playing Starfield.

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Credit: Nexus

Some players have been disappointed that the NPC looting activities common in previous Bethesda games are absent in Starfield. In response, a modder created a mod that allows precisely that kind of action in Bethesda’s newest space exploration RPG.

With this mod, you can now kill NPCs (bear in mind that this could have consequences), steal their clothes and items, and leave them half-naked on the ground.

If you missed looting NPCs while exploring, install this mod from Nexus Mods.

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