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Outposts are necessary in Starfield for collecting resources but don’t have to come in generic forms. The game provides you with many options for being creative when building these structures, as you can observe from our Outpost of the Week content.

For our mod of the week, we’re picking one that lets you use four more structures based on those found in Akila City. This mod’s name is “Akila Makeshift Buildings,” and can be downloaded for free at Nexus.

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Credit: Nexus

According to the modder, you have to use a mod manager to download and install his creation. Another prerequisite is the Plugins.txt Enabler, so ensure you have that.

Although it is the capital of the Freestar Collective, one of the two main human factions in Starfield, Akila City is more laid-back than its counterpart in the United Colonies, New Atlantis. The city’s buildings and structures are more rustic and reminiscent of Earth.

For those who bought Starfield during early access and launch, Akila City will forever be remembered for the infamous puddle glitch. This glitch allowed players to gather infinite cash from three puddles outside the Shepherd General Merchandise vendor location in the Freestar capital.

Sadly, Bethesda targeted the glitch when it built its first Starfield update after launch, Update 1.7.33; this was met with disappointment and even rage from those who have made their in-game cash reserves from the exploit.

As one of the biggest Xbox-exclusive games on the market, Starfield would inevitably become entangled in the eternally ongoing console wars.

Xbox Battlegrounds recently embroiled the game in the flaming when he posted a side-by-side butt comparison of Andreja and Mary Jane from Sony’s PlayStation 2. It was later found out that he had enhanced Andreja using a mod.

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