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starfield outpost

starfield outpost

Hello, explorers! We hope you had a great weekend and are wide-eyed and ready for this week’s Starfield Outpost of the Week entry.

For the past two weeks, we’ve featured outposts on top of hills and mountain ranges. This week, we’re taking you back to the flatlands, where this impressive multi-structure outpost on Schrodinger III is located.

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Credit: Reddit/Gundehug

User LucasGundehug shared this outpost on Reddit. As you can see, he constructed a two-tiered central outpost and what seems like a warehouse off to the right and some supply platform behind the outpost.

Of course, there’s also the landing platform for his vessels, which is enormous!

Stepping inside the structure, you can find a travelers’ lounge, a living room and kitchen combined, an office on the second floor overlooking the landscape of Schrodinger III, and a Mess Hall that looks straight out of a Star Trek film installment.

There’s also a command center where the builder has laid out all his weapons and gear, a gaming room, a workshop, and a fitness center overlooking the landing pad.

Although the structure's design looks a little ordinary compared to our previous entries, we were thoroughly impressed with the intelligent way of laying out things. The outdoor layout is also excellent - you rarely see outposts with warehouses nearby.

Exploring space and building outposts to mine resources is one of the central activities in Starfield, Bethesda’s biggest launch. However, one Reddit user found out via achievement that 25% of the more than 10 million players in the game have yet to leave Jemison and explore outer space.

Other players said this might be because achievements did not begin as they should have during early access and in the few days following the launch. Still, others also noted that some players may be running mods that turn off achievements.

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