Console Wars Turn Bizarre With Online Bum Wars

starfield bum wars

starfield bum wars

The console war is an endless back-and-forth between fans of the various consoles in the market. Fans throw all sorts of dirt at the other consoles on social media, usually resulting in flame wars. This time, Xbox Battle Grounds took the conflict to a bizarre level using a mod for Starfield.

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Credit: X/Xbox Battle Grounds

XBG took the first shot on X when he posted a side-by-side comparison of Mary Jane’s behind right next to Andreja, one of the four companions in Starfield. He then told his fans and viewers to judge whose butt was bigger, but apparently, the crown went to Andreja in the image.

His followers immediately began posting the posterior regions of other female characters, including Panam from CyberPunk 2077 and the version of Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

YouTuber Jake Randall also chimed in, posting a suggestive image of Spider-Man and Catwoman from the first Spiderman game from 2018.

However, not all responses were positive, as user JohnLocke pointed out that Sarah and Andreja don’t look like that in the official game, suggesting that XBG had used a mod to put the debate in the Starfield character’s favor.

Other users expressed disgust, saying that “[they] all need to get laid!” while others described the later barb in the console war as a means to “desperately cling to any upper hand Starfield has.”

As it turned out, there is a mod called Voluptous Body for Beauties in Nexus that allows players, for whatever reason they have, to bulk up the booties of any character in Starfield. We haven’t used the mod, but it probably also works for male characters.

For what it’s worth, what XBG did demonstrated the many things the modding community can do for Starfield and other games in general.

Speaking of Andreja, you can use a mod to shut her up if you’re constantly annoyed by her whining and dislikes in Starfield. It can shut them up, saving you the headache of their complaints at almost everything you do.

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