New Mod Now Brings Futurama Food Into Starfield

slurm cans

slurm cans

Last week, a modder surprised the world by bringing the iconic food items from the Fallout franchise into Starfield, Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG. This week, we see another crossover in terms of food. This time, it’s four food items from the science-fiction comedy Futurama.

This is all possible thanks to modder RedxYeti, who uploaded the mod on Nexus Mods.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

The mod only brings three items from Futurama - the Slurm, Bachelor’s Chow, and Fishy Joe’s. Slurm replaces the Blend and Runners Rush items in Starfield, while Bachelor’s Chow and Fishy Joe’s take over Raisin Bran and Granola Mix, respectively.

RedxYeti also invites users to tell him what other foods from Futurama they’d like to see on Starfield. So, hop on to Nexus Mods and let him know!

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Credit: Nexus

If you’d like to give the Fallout food mod a try as well, you can look for the “Old World Refreshments” mod on Nexus.

This mod changes all the Centauri Mills Vending Machines into Fallout 4’s Fancy Lad Snack Cake and Sugar Bombs Vending Machines when you buy a BOOM POP! Coke, you get the original Nuka-Cola instead.

Last week was quite mod-heavy. During that time, we discovered that the author of The Witcher 3 HD Rework is now also working on a Starfield HD Rework.

Like its predecessor, this mod aims to correct textures with lower quality render than the rest of the game’s elements. The goal is to make quality uniform across the board without burdening the computer’s performance.

The initial version of the mod is now out on Nexus Mods. The author said this is ongoing work for him, so we can expect more updates in the future.

So, make sure that you check back often to keep yourself updated on new mods and other things about Starfield.

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