Never Run out of Bombs Again in Starfield!

starfield bombs

starfield bombs

Explosives are handy in your weapons arsenal in Starfield, Bethesda’s newest open-world space exploration game. For starters, they keep the enemies’ heads down so you can charge and flank them.

In some cases, the grenades can hit right where the targets are and kill them, so you don’t have to fire a shot.

Of course, like any other item in Starfield, this stuff can run out when you use too many of them. Strategizing their use is the key. However, if you want to enjoy the fighting without thinking about how many bombs you have in your pack, you can try this mod.

Named the All Explosives - Bat File, this mod lets you type in a batch command on the in-game console to increase your inventory of all explosives. As the description indicates, you can do so in batches of 10 or 100. You can watch this video to learn more.

The modder, however, did not indicate if you can use other values for the batch command. We’ll assume we can, but who wouldn’t want to add 100 more of each type of bomb in your arsenal without looting for them?

Another thing to note is that you can only install this mod using MO2. If you don’t know how to use that, the modder says you can drop the downloaded file into your Starfield directory. After that, you can start using the batch commands.

Neither the mod’s description page nor the video indicates if increasing the number of your explosives affects your encumbrance. However, we can safely assume it does, so use the code only in combat.

This mod is similar to a previous one that instantly refreshes vendors’ inventory. It ensures that an item you’ve previously purchased will still appear the next time you talk to a certain vendor NPC in Starfield instead of being taken off.

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