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vote starfield

vote starfield

Starfield is one of the games running for an award at The Games Awards, although it is not nominated for Game of the Year as with the Golden Joystick. Instead, Starfield is nominated for the award Best RPG, so don’t forget to vote for it on The Games Awards website.

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Credit: X/The Games Awards

TGA announced on its official X account that it is opening Round 1 of the Players’ Voice Award. According to its post, this award is based solely on the number of votes the game gets from the player community.

Starfield is one of the 30 games selected for the votation. Some of the big names in the list include the Game of the Year award contenders Resident Evil 4, Baldur’s Gate 3, Alan Wake 2, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and 25 other games.

Check out the complete list at TGA’s X post, and don’t forget to vote for Starfield at this link.

Starfield’s GOTY “snob” at TGA was a major source of contention among its loyal fans. One player even called for a boycott of the TGA stream in January to announce the winners. He even created a video comparing Starfield to Super Mario Bros. Wonder, implying that Bethesda’s newest RPG is superior.

Despite being not nominated for TGA’s Game of the Year award, Starfield does hold the Xbox Game of the Year award at the Golden Joystick. With our support, Todd Howard’s latest creation may just put another feather on its cap - the TGA Best RPG award and, hopefully, the Player’s Voice award.

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