New Starfield Merch From Gamescom

A Starfield gaming chair made to look like the cockpit of a starship
Credit: Tempur

A Starfield gaming chair made to look like the cockpit of a starship
Credit: Tempur

Starfield is a week away for early access players, September 1 will see hordes of players head out to the cosmos for the first time. Bethesda has shown off some cool Starfield merch already during the run-up to launch, at gamescom we got to see some more.

Gamescom 2023 is in full swing, fans from around the world are in Cologne, Germany enjoying the event this week. There have already been a few reveals from Bethesda, we got a new live-action trailer and hopefully will get some more information on the game before gamescom ends. For now, let's take a look at the new Starfield merch revealed at the show.

Starfield Merch

Elgato has definitely embraced the galactic organisation of Constellation, with their new range of Wave microphones and Stream decks. These both look absolutely stunning in their Starfield-themed design, matching the Constellation design found on the official Xbox controllers and headsets.

A cabinet full of Starfield merch
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Credit: @shieldsjames via

As seen in the image above, there was also a Starfield skateboard on display alongside a beanie and a Constellation jacket. Bethesda's official merch store has these items for sale right now. Given the popularity building around this game from even non-Bethesda fans, we would suggest picking up any of these quickly before they sell out.

Boldly Go

The next piece of Starfield merch may not actually get a consumer release. Tempur, which is a UK-based company that makes household furniture. They have created the Dream Chair, fans at gamescom can sit in the starship cockpit-styled gaming chair to experience Starfield in a whole new way.

Gaming chair shaped like starship cockpit
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Credit: Tempur

Unfortunately, it looks like this beautiful chair is a one-off, after gamescom the chair will return to the UK to eventually be raffled off for charity. No further details on the auction are available at this time. We would love to get our hands on one of these for ourselves, for now, all we can do is admire from afar.

With all of this new merch for Starfield being shown, we need to relax and grab some food & drink to recover, we wish everyone returning from Cologne a safe journey home, and that their trip will feel like they used fast travel.

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