Fan Creation of the Week - Starfield Chocolate Cake With Peanut Butter

starfield chocolate cake made by fan

starfield chocolate cake made by fan

It’s incredible how far Starfield fans would go to express their love for Bethesda’s biggest RPG in its entire career. That’s why we maintain our weekly Fan Creation of the Week selection - we intend to celebrate the lengths our fellow fans go to to recreate stuff from the game.

For this week, we’re featuring another food item. Our previous pick was a recreation of the Shepherd’s Pie, cooked with love by a Japanese fan for their 25th wedding anniversary.

Today, we feature the very first Starfield-themed cake to grace our reality. Take a look at this mouth-watering snack below.

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Credit: Reddit
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According to the OP, whose Reddit username is ghillz11, he commissioned the cake from a friend specializing in custom cakes. Ghillz11 said the cake is a chocolate cake filled with peanut butter, with the top part designed with the Constellation logo.

As of 12 hours ago, the OP said they’re still eating the cake. It’s safe to assume that, at this time, the whole thing must’ve been fully consumed.

Unfortunately, no recipe or cooking guide was specified in the post, although one user, Kinetic_Pen, noted that there must only be one ingredient for the cake, with the rest of the process a “Sudden Development.”

With this cake added to the list, we’re now hard-pressed to decide which one we like most - the Shepherd’s Pie or the Chunks breakfast that came out about a week after Starfield’s release.

Did you know that, with a simple console command, you can put the Sanitation Mini-Bots to war with the Crimson Fleet? The chaos will break your game in 10 minutes, but it’s worth watching.

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