Bethesda Releases Official Cosplay Guide for the Crimson Fleet

crimson fleet captain starfield

crimson fleet captain starfield

Cosplay is an art, yet it is also about accuracy for the cosplayer to be convincing. Bethesda supports the hobby and has released cosplay guides for characters of its newest space exploration RPG, Starfield.

This time, Bethesda has made available on X the official guide for Starfield’s notorious pirate organization, the Crimson Fleet.

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Credit: X/Bethesda

As you can see from the image, Bethesda has given detailed instructions on portraying the Crimson Fleet pirate. Four colours are indicated - brass, brown, crimson, and quilted grey. Each costume part is explained through a detailed description, showing the colors and elements needed.

The descriptions are so specific that Bethesda even describes that paint in the Suit and Boost Pack should be partially chipped away to indicate wear and tear over time.

With this guide, players and cosplayers who want to add the Crimson Fleet pirate to their array of characters will find it easy to build an accurate and faithful costume.

Bethesda had also previously released a cosplay guide for the space cowboy, Sam Coe, one of the four main companions of the explorer.

The game developer had previously blown our minds away with the highly detailed costumes and visuals in the live-action trailer for Starfield. It appears now that there is yet another live-action content upcoming courtesy of independent director Stephen Ford.

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Credit: X/Stephen Ford

Ford, an independent film director, had announced early this month that Bethesda had hired him for a live-action series set in the galaxy of Starfield. However, he gave no more details except for the casting of Gina Darling in an unspecified role.

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