Know More About Your POI Before You Explore It

starfield poi

starfield poi

Some POIs in Starfield are inhabited by groups like the Ecliptic, Spacers, Va’Ruun, and Crimson Fleet occupy some POIs in Starfield. However, the player does not know exactly which of these are brooding over a facility that they see on the planet view.

They just wing it. They pick the POI, land on it, and find out who they’ll be up against once the first opponent sends some bullets to greet them. That is until this little mod came along in Nexus.

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Credit: Nexus

The name of this mod is Location Hints. As its title suggests, the mod adds a little information on the POI’s label so you’ll know the enemies you’ll be fighting with when you explore the area.

Specifically, this is the information that you’ll see on the map:

  • H - Random human faction, including Starborn
  • R - Robot
  • C - Crimson Fleet
  • E - Ecliptic
  • S - Spacer
  • V - Va’ruun

Hopefully, halling this mod can help you prepare by showing you who you’ll be up against so you can plan your tactics and strategies accordingly.

Based on the description, this mod seems compatible with the Rogue Starborn mod that came out recently, also in Nexus. This mod replaces all the human factions with Starborn warriors.

They’ll be the only ones you’ll fight when you arrive at points of interest in Starfield’s more than 1,000 planets.

Be sure to check out the latest update for Starfield from Bethesda. If your PC has Nvidia RTX GPU, you’ll want to download the patch as soon as possible - it adds DLSS support, so you can now enjoy higher frame rates and better performance from the game.

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