Photo of the Week - Lone Building In the Desolation

starfield empire state

starfield empire state

Howdy, explorers. It’s Thursday, and it’s already time to pick a new photo that we will be featuring in our Photo of the Week feature. For this feature, we look for the best snaps people take while exploring the star systems and planets in the expansive galaxy of Starfield.

For this week, we’ve pictured this particular shot by Reddit user abdelkarim19. The photo shows the player’s viewpoint, peering through a huge hole in the wall at a tall skyscraper standing alone amidst a desolate landscape.

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Credit: Reddit

We’re not entirely sure, but this building looks like the Empire State Building in New York in the United States. As the Earth was decimated by a grav drive accident that wiped away its atmosphere, the planet had become a barren desert planet by the time the game took place.

The image is poignant despite its simplicity. It shows how a skyscraper, considered by most of us as the pinnacle of human engineering, remains standing alone despite its surroundings having already transformed into lifeless landscapes after its builders have abandoned the planet.

User abdelkarim19’s capture will be prominently featured in our gallery, and a special video will be available for the entire week.

Do you think you’ve got a snap worth featuring in our weekly gallery? Upload to your social media channels and attach the hashtag #SnapshotPortal so we can find them!

Would you like to see an Earth that has recovered from the disaster that occurred and led to the events of Starfield? Give the Alternate Earth mod a try - Earth becomes a lush green planet with forests instead of the barren landscape depicted in this Photo of the Week pick.

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