Starborn Have Overrun the Galaxy

starfield starborn

starfield starborn

The Starborn in Starfield are considered the pinnacle of humanity in Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG. They have entered the Unity from a separate universe and come into being in a new one, and they bring their accumulated knowledge to the table.

Imagine the challenge - and the fun! - of facing down only the Starborn at every point of interest you come across while exploring planets. These warriors are more formidable than the Va’Ruun, Spacers, and Crimson Fleet pirates combined!

That’s the kind of game you can expect to play when you install this mod from Nexus, entitled the “More Starborn” mod.

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There are not many details on the mod’s description page, however. It only states that rogue Starborns have taken over POIs on certain planets. Instead of facing Ecliptic soldiers, Va’Ruun zealots, or Crimson Fleet pirates, you’ll have a showdown with Starborn warriors.

Of course, a little mystery provides some thrill to the experience. Why not download the mod from Nexus instead and see whatever is in store for you?

The Starborn feature prominently in the final quest line in Starfield. The Emissary and the Hunter, two Starborns from another universe, ask you to go back to Earth to find out what caused the disaster and humanity’s mass exodus into space and to retrieve the last artifact for them.

Afterward, you’ll be compelled to choose whom to side with: the Hunter or the Emissary. Each of them has their own opinions on whether or not humanity should enter the Unity or not.

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