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Starfield poster with characters looking up to space
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield poster with characters looking up to space
Credit: Bethesda

Captain's log, Stardate 2330, we are almost at launch day for Starfield, it would be advantageous for recording progress to have some kind of adventure journal, Captain out.

The famous Captain's log from Star Trek was used as a way for the Captain of each ship to update command on their progress. In Starfield, we have no doubt that there will be a mission menu letting you know exactly where you are heading next on your quest. For some, this isn't going to be enough.

A cosmonaut sits in the cockpit of the starship
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Credit: Bethesda
Take some notes with this brilliant adventure journal

Adventure Journal

The fact that Starfield has over 1000 planets is mind-blowing, sure there may be some more inhabited by others, but each will have something worth checking out if you choose to land.

From resources to all kinds of weird creatures and monsters, it could be handy to jot down some personal notes about each world. Not to mention all the various factions and whatever they have going on, taking notes could be a lifesaver when facing some tough decisions.

An empty journal
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Credit: Bethesda
Dear Diary....

Bethesda has released its own solution - The Official Constellation Journal, which is a blank journal for fans to take down notes and thoughts about the goings on up in the stars. This might not be enough for players, as keeping things organized might be tough on blank paper.

Over on Reddit, one Starfield fan has crafted their very own answer to the problem. Posting on the Starfield subreddit, user u/pchilt57 wrote: "I felt inspired by the official Starfield journal and decided to build my own. I made this using Goodnotes on iPad to track my adventures across the Starfield. Feedback/recommendations welcome!".

The Starfield adventure journal is available to save and print on the post for everyone, although we think we may need quite a few copies! It's a very cool creation and we look forward to seeing what the community comes up with next.

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