Emil Pagliarulo Clarifies Fallout 4 Connection to Fallout 1

power armor helmet fallout
Credit: Interplay

power armor helmet fallout
Credit: Interplay

Emil Pagliarulo revealed a surprising yet divisive connection between Fallout 4 and Fallout 1. Due to fan backlash, however, the writer had to scale back and clarify the canonicity of his comment.

Capitalizing on the widespread euphoria following the release of the Fallout 4 live-action series, Bethesda lead writer Emil Pagliarulo took to X, formerly Twitter, to share what he described as an unknown connection between Fallout 1 and Fallout 4.

In his tweet, Pagliarulo revealed that one of the two Power Armored soldiers in the animated intro for Fallout was, in fact, Fallout 4’s Nate.

In the intro, two Armored soldiers are seen ganging up on a kneeling and unarmed prisoner. After a few moments, one of the soldiers shot the prisoner dead before both turned and waved at the camera with a cheerful disposition.

This short encounter occurred during the United States annexation of Canada, a side event to the larger Sino-American War in the games franchise.

Although he made sure to specify that it wasn't Nate who shot the unarmed prisoner in cold blood, his post suffered intense backlash from some members of the playing community.

This prompted Pagliarulo to follow up with another tweet, clarifying that not everything he shares automatically becomes canon.

However, he admitted that they discussed the character being in that video as part of building Nate’s character during the early stages of Fallout 4’s development.

Emil Pagliarulo also became infamous last year when he made a Twitter thread addressing those who made intense criticisms in the wake of Starfield’s declining score and negative reviews on the gaming platform Steam.

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