Fallout Finale Shockingly Reveals Who Started the War

nuke goes off in boston Fallout 4
Credit: Bethesda

nuke goes off in boston Fallout 4
Credit: Bethesda

Who dropped the first bomb and wiped out America in Fallout? Fans have wondered about the culprit's identity for decades. The Prime Video Fallout series just added a name to the list of who is to blame.

It is impossible not to discuss the Great War or the short nuclear war that devastated the entirety of the United States when talking about Fallout. We all knew that topic would inevitably crop up when adapting the game into a live-action series.

Although it took all eight episodes before dropping the twist, Amazon's series, released on April 10, shocked the audience when it made a sinister suggestion regarding the bomber's identity.

cooper howard Vault-Tec ad
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Credit: Prime Video
Cooper Howard endorses Vault-Tec

In the eighth episode, Cooper Howard (played by Walton Goggins) is eavesdropping on his wife, Barb, during an executive meeting at Vault-Tec.

Top investors are worried about how they can keep the Vaults, which are crucial underground shelters, sellable to the market in the face of the ongoing peace negotiations between the U.S. and China.

After hearing several suggestions from the other corporate representatives, Barb coldly suggests dropping the bomb themselves to put the Vaults to use. It will also open an opportunity for a monopoly in the aftermath.

“When we are the only ones left, there will be no one to fight,” she tells her co-attendees.

However, the scene in the finale leaves it at that and does not show the representatives agreeing to the suggestion and moving it forward.

We may see more of this plotline develop throughout a second season, which appears likely after the Film Commission of California reported a $25 million tax credit for Fallout to film in the Golden State.

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