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The new Bethesda Game Studios Creations feature, launched in a surprise update in December, may be an eyesore for both players and modders in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim community. However, we cannot deny that it has been supported by some talented creators, including speakers during the Bethesda Community Creators Convention earlier this month.

As such, we’ve spotted a new and impressive creation - a new word for mod in this program - by EasierRider, who has already published 13 of these in the program.

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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios Creations

In a nutshell, the new creation, which has the title “Echoes of the Vale,” expands the Forgotten Vale location and makes it accessible to the player without being forced to initiate the Dawnguard Questline if they don’t wish to do so.

The mod also adds 23 new locations within the Forgotten Vale, some explorable dungeons with loot, and new weapons and armor. A player can also establish a “settlement” to use Fallout’s parlance, called “Initiate’s Rest.”

In the words of its descriptions page, this creation transforms the Forgotten Vale into a major location rather than just a quest-related one that players can forget about after attaining all the achievements.

If you’ve got 800 credits to spare in your Bethesda account, why not give Echoes of the Vale a try?

The Elder Scrolls Online community has a two-day anniversary event to look forward to in April in the Netherlands. If you’d like to partake of the celebrations, you can head over to the ESO online website and purchase your tickets.

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