FSR3 Finally Coming to Starfield This Month, Bethesda Announces

fs3 starfield

fs3 starfield

More good developments are in store for Starfield players in the next few weeks. After the first of a promised series of updates that boosted the game’s graphical presentations, Bethesda announced that it is releasing a new patch to Steam Beta next week.

This is a big one because, according to the company’s official X account, it will finally introduce FSR3 functionality to the game.

FSR3 is the AMD counterpart to Nvidia’s DLSS3 frame generation technology. Like the Nvidia creation, FSR3 will introduce smoother graphics and higher frame rates when running Starfield.

DLSS3 was a hot topic among Starfield players in the weeks following its release. Players who ran the game on PCs with Nvidia RTX Series 40 GPUs complained that they couldn’t get more than 30 fps, even at the lowest graphical settings.

After a short saga that involved a modder putting a DLSS3 mod behind a Patreon paywall and an urgent Nvidia update to its Game Ready drivers, Bethesda finally put out a patch that put in native DLS33 for its biggest RPG to date.

The next question among PC players was: “When will Starfield support AMD’s FSR3 technology?”

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Credit: Reddit

People had initially expected Starfield to have native FSR3 support at launch after Bethesda and AMD had announced a tech partnership. However, Starfield ended up supporting only FSR2, which did not support frame generation like DLSS3 and FSR3 do.

In late 2023, AMD abruptly announced that they were putting up the source code for FSR3 in open-source format. Modders immediately developed a plug-in that enabled players to enable FSR3 on PCs with older graphic cards, including Nvidia RTXs.

The mod worked, with one Redditor posting a video on the social media site showing his computer running Starfield at an average of 60 FPS. This particular rig is powered by an older Nvidia RTX 2060.

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