Player Gets to Finally Fight Starborn For Ship After New Update

starborn fight on unknown planet starfield
Credit: X/AnnieKitzman

starborn fight on unknown planet starfield
Credit: X/AnnieKitzman

The Starborn are an elusive bunch in Starfield. As some Redditors in the Starfield Lore subreddit pointed out, this is probably a side effect of being able to jump into Unity and see life play out in different ways.

With the new update, however, they may have become slightly more aggressive in defending their turf.

At least, that is what one player found out when encountering a Starborn Guardian that landed right on top of them. Having just installed the update, Update 1.10.31, X user Annie Kitzman was surprised to see the Starborn crew fight back when they approached the ship.

What an action-packed fight it was! With all of them at Level 100, these multiversal beings pack quite a punch. One team member heard yelling that Sam Coe is hit, while the player can be seen popping some restorative items to recover their health.

In this case, each Starborn dishes out more than 200 experience points, and 1 Quantum Essence. The downside to this encounter though is that there is no loot to collect, as the Starborn simply disintegrates after death.

AnnieKitzman said that this is the first time she had a straight-up tussle with the Starborn in six months. Could this be due to the new update? For now, this seems to be an isolated case; however, we might be able to see more reports of this encounter soon as more players install the new update.

With the third patch in the 2024 roadmap now publicly available, we can’t help but wonder when the Creation Kit will drop. There are updates on Steam DB that seem to indicate a closed beta test for Verified Creators, but Bethesda has not issued any official updates regarding the unexplained changes.

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