Suit Up Your Starfield Character With the Iconic Tunnel Snakes Outfit

tunnel snakes rule

tunnel snakes rule

If you enjoyed Fallout 3 as much as you had fun with Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG, Starfield, this mod is for you. This mod, “Fallout Tunnel Snakes,” brings the iconic Tunnel Snakes outfit set from that game into Starfield.

Take a look at a sample picture below.

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Credit: Nexus

The mod re-textures Sarah’s Outfit into the memorable uniform of Vault 101’s notorious gang. You can see the intricate snake design on the back of the jacket while running through the Rocky Desert or the Coniferous Forests of Starfield’s planets.

The mod makes two versions of the outfit available - the male and the female. The modder said the pants are slightly darker than they were in Fallout 3, but he promises to work on that for an update.

He also says that he will work on adding variants with skirts and pants with a snakeskin holster for your weapon. There will also be an upcoming version for Constellation members that fit into Starfield lore.

This mod will be a great fit for another mod that replaces certain vending machines and drinks in Starfield with those from the Fallout universe. You can also implement the Galactic Radio Station mod to listen to your favorite Fallout tracks while you explore the vast world of Bethesda’s most successful game in its career.

Together, these three mods will bring a nostalgic Old Earth feel to the otherwise futuristic universe of Starfield.

It’s amazing what modifications have been coming for Starfield just slightly over a month after its successful launch on September 6. Things will even be more interesting once Bethesda releases official modding tools, which Todd Howard promised would take place next year!

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