New Mod Makes the Starfield Temple Quest Line More Bearable

starfield temples

starfield temples

While there are many facets of Starfield that players will love, it also has its painful points, as many of the game’s critics will agree. Both detractors and supporters alike can see eye to eye when discussing the Temple puzzles - both groups will nod and say yes if you say this grind is tedious and time-consuming.

The base game requires you to play up to 10 NG+ games for your character to realize their most powerful incarnation. In each playthrough, you are to visit all 24 temples and level up each of the powers - then repeat the entire thing with every entry to the Unity and for all ten instances.

One mod already tried to remove the grind entirely by having the player acquire the power on their first visit to each temple in NG0 and growing each power every time they step into the Unity for NG+.

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However, a new one has been uploaded to Nexus that does not remove the grind but only shortens it by removing certain requirements.

The app, which is called “Less Annoying Temples” on Nexus Mods, simplifies the temple puzzles by doing the following:

  • Revealing the location of the next temple immediately after finishing one temple’s puzzles.
  • Preventing the Temple tutorial messages that pop up each time player visits one.
  • Reduces the required number of distortions hit to just one.
  • Fixing temple mapping issues

This mod is free for download at Nexus Mods. However, it is only compatible with the Steam version of Starfield. Game Pass users won’t be able to use this mod for now.

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