Bethesda Releases Official Cosplay Guide for Starfield Cowboy Sam Coe

sam coe starfield

sam coe starfield

Cosplay is a hobby that crosses boundaries. It unites people from different interests, like gaming, anime, and films, into a single community. Bethesda recognizes that and has released an official cosplay guide for one character from its highly successful open-world RPG, Starfield.

This character is Sam Coe, from Akila City. Sam is one of your earliest companions in Starfield and is instrumental in the quest to gather The Artifact for the Constellation. His father, Jacob Coe, holds the map needed for you to find the Empty Nest.

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Sam is also one of the four marriage candidates in Starfield, together with Barrett, Andreja, and Sarah. This means you can choose to romance Sam and marry him in the game. Sam also has a daughter named Cora.

In any case, the cosplay guide shows you the necessary costume components to turn you into a real-life Sam Coe. The guide includes the color palette and descriptions of the four parts of the costume - the Ranch Hat, Necklace, Boots, Jacket, and Holster.

The X post also shows a close look at the printed insignia and the buckle Sam wears on his belt.

This cosplay guide is also available on Bethesda’s official website. Aside from Sam, you can also get guides for cosplaying Sarah Morgan and sewing the costumes for the Constellation Space Suit and the dreaded Crimson Fleet.

If you’re interested in romancing Sam Coe, check out our Sam Coe romance guide. You might also want to consider Barrett, who’ll appear as Jack Sparrow in the game if you download the ToastedShoes mod from his Patreon page.

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