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starborn starfield

starborn starfield

It’s no secret now that when you finish your first play-through of Bethesda’s Starfield, you are granted the status of Starborn. This perk allows you to retain your knowledge from the previous game when you start a new game (NG+).

However, some players who want to have all that knowledge from the start can try the new mod at Nexus Mods. It’s called “Alternate Start” and gives you the advantage of starting immediately as a Starborn.

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The mod grants you several perks once you install it on your PC. First, it gives you all the powers in the game right at the start. You also don’t have to grind that much because you begin at level 50 with 49 skill points available so that you can fatten up your character right away.

Next, it also unlocks all the game's star systems so you can immediately explore any system you may not have visited during your first play-through.

The mod also includes optional features that you can unlock through the console. When enabled, you start with the Argos Extractor Jumpsuit instead of the default uniform new players receive. You also get a Novalight pistol to begin hunting Spacers and gain experience and loot.

You can also start the Mantis mission right away if you’d like.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to start the game as an instant Starborn, download the mod at Nexus.

You can also check out the Slower Than Light mod, which we featured last week as our Mod of the Week. This mod will let you travel at speeds up to 100 times the speed of light.

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