You Need to Curb Your Addiction With Addichrone

starfield addichrone

starfield addichrone

Like its predecessor, Fallout, Starfield also allows its players to suffer conditions like addictions within the game. In Fallout, it can be cured by visiting a doctor or taking a specific medicine. In Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG, they can use drugs like Addichrone - an inhaler-shaped device that’s so prominent that this one player decided to create a real-world counterpart for it.

Over the weekend, Reddit user Strict-Moment4096 created a real-world prop for the Addichrone device and posted four pictures of his build to his thread, titled “Designed and made this prop.”

The creation, however, is still incomplete - Strict-Moment4096 said that he’ll still add the white labels and age the prop to add more realism. He also said that he’s going to work on Hear+ next!

In the meantime, take a look and enjoy this amazing fan creation of Addichrone.

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Credit: Reddit

Although the user feedback has been mostly positive, many are also humorous. Ashamed-Froyo-9190, the first one to comment, said that they thought it was a custom-made pregnancy test at first sight. The comment elicited a string of banter revolving around contraceptive rights and medical insurance in the Settled Systems.

Poopshipdestroyer34 responded more directly: “Now, if only this could cure my addiction to the game itself,” he said.

Despite Starfield’s slowly plummeting game scores on Steam, Bethesda remains committed to providing additional support for its biggest game franchise. There are 250 developers tasked with improving Starfield alone, and these are currently busy making the series of updates promised last year in a pre-holiday announcement.

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