Verified Creator Previews Thief’s Hideouts Mod for Skyrim

thiefs hideout elder scrolls v skyrim mod creations
Credit: X/Elianora

thiefs hideout elder scrolls v skyrim mod creations
Credit: X/Elianora

A place the player can call home is essential when playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A home gives you a place to sleep, recover Health Points, and get rid of some ailments.

Fortunately, in the popular Elder Scrolls franchise title, you can easily acquire an abode in settlements scattered throughout the map. This ensures that you can rest wherever you may be in the game.

You can now take home ownership to the next level with the upcoming Thief’s Hideouts Creation by the Verified Creator, who calls herself “The Legendary Imposter Elianora.”

Elianora uploaded four preview images of the mod through her official X account, describing her Creation as a "home in every city.”

With this mod, which can be used on all platforms, you can now have a place to sleep that heals the character and passes some time, no matter what city you may be in.

You also don’t have to venture outside to fast travel to any other destination on Skyrim’s map; you can use the fast travel menu inside your home.

However, Elianora did not indicate if you can do the same from any city to your home, but it’s an issue you can address with just a simple marker.

As you can see from the images, these homes are fully furnished. They have a fireplace, a shelf full of books, and clean rugs on the floors. There’s only one small caveat - they’re located underground and accessible only through wells.

If you’ve installed the latest Skyrim update from early December, stay tuned to Elianora’s X account and find out when Thief’s Creations will be released on Bethesda.NET.

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