Photo of the Week - Facing the Terrormorph

Credit: Bethesda

Credit: Bethesda

True to its name, the Terrormorph is the most terrifying creature in Starfield. It has an accelerated growth factor, and its offensive stats are higher than most, if not all, of the other fauna in Bethesda’s newest sandbox RPG.

Naturally, most players don’t bother to take pictures or videos of their encounter with a Terrormorph - save, perhaps, for this one who used a console command to blow up a specimen ten times its normal size.

Except for him, all other Starfield explorers are too busy emptying bullets at the creature or trying to escape.

Now, someone else has joined the fray, and this time, there are pictures. Steven Han from the Starfield - Bethesda Game Studios has uploaded eight photos to the private Facebook group. We’ve taken one of them to feature in this article.

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Credit: Facebook/Steven Han

As a testament to its invincibility and strength, the Terrormorph has managed to shake and stagger Steven’s character. The shot has been missed, but Steven has other images that show what happened in the fight, although he avoided revealing the encounter's outcome.

The set also shows a hilarious snap of his character walking past another fauna, which had its back to him and was totally oblivious while a massive pile of dung was nearby.

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Credit: Bethesda/Xbox

Will Starfield be going to the PlayStation 5? Several substantial rumors have surfaced over the previous week alleging that Microsoft and Xbox executive management have decided to break exclusivity and make Starfield available to its rivals’ flagship consoles.

While he declined to confirm, Phil Spencer did say that there will be a business update this week to discuss certain issues.

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