Algorab III-E

Algorab III-E is the last of Algorab III's five moons. It is an ice giant with light gravity, and a non-existent ecosystem, magnetosphere, and atmosphere. Its temperature is frozen. However, the moon can be mined for H2O, Cl, and Li.

Last Updated 18 Sep 2023 at 09:24 am GMT
Starfield Algorab III-E moons Image
Algorab III-E

    What Planet Is Algorab III-E Closest To?

    Algorab III-E orbits Algorab III, the last planet in the Algorab star system.

    How Do I Get To Algorab III-E?

    You can visit Algorab III-E by grav jumping to the Algorab star system, and then to the planet Algorab III. You can find Algorab III-E orbiting the planet with its four other siblings.

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