Ternion VIII

Ternion VIII is the eight planet in the Alpha Ternion star system. It's an ice planet, but it has no atmosphere. Due to this and its freezing atmosphere, explorers cannot find any flora or fauna on Ternion VIII. However, in terms of resources, they can find there on the planet, namely, H20, Cl, and SiH3Cl.

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Ternion VIII
  • TypeIce
  • Gravity0.29 g
  • MagnetosphereNone
  • FaunaNone
  • SystemAlpha ternion
  • TemperatureDeep freeze
  • FloraNone
  • Body TypeIce
  • Resources
  • Moons
  • Orbiting
  • AtmosphereNone

Where Is Ternion VIII?

Ternion VIII is the eighth planet in the Alpha Ternion star system. It is near the following star systems: Bannoc, Enlil, Secondus, Syrma, and Proxima Ternion.

What Is on Ternion VIII?

Ternion VIII is an ice planet with a freezing temperature and no atmosphere. Because of that, explorers cannot scan or explore it for flora and fauna. Its water is also heavy in chemicals. However, you can find H20, Cl, and SiH3Cl on the planet.

Which Star System Is Ternion VI In?

Ternion VIII is located in the Alpha Ternion star system.

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